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St. Francis School Indirapuram, Best CBSE School In Ghaziabad
Best in CBSE Schools of Indirapuram Ghaziabad - St. Francis School Indirapuram, a leading educational institution in the NCR, Delhi, was started in 2004 by the Franciscan Brothers.
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Rosary Church School, Best Pre school/Nursery in Delhi
Delhi Nursery School - Rosary Church School,Church Compound,Radio Colony, Kingsway Camp, Delhi-9 is owned and managed by the Delhi Catholic Archdiocese, a religious, charitable, educational and social organization (Society) registered under the Societies Registration Act.
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St. Xavier’s High School Rampura Phul, CBSE School Bathinda
Best School in Bathinda - St. Xavier's High School, Rampura Phul, is administered by the Registered Society of Pilar, Punjab-Haryana, a branch of the Society of Pilar, Goa.
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Loreto Convent School Tara Hall, Best CBSE School In Shimla
Best in CBSE Schools in Shimla - Loreto Convent, Tara Hall belongs to the worldwide family of the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary, also known as Loreto, which was founded by an English woman named Mary Ward, way back in the 16th century.
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St. Xavier's Sr. Sec. School Delhi, Best School in Delhi
St. Xavier's School Delhi is recognised by the Directorate of Education, Delhi Administration and is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education for the All India Secondary School Examination (Class X) and the All India Senior School Certificate Examination (Class XII).
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Loreto House Kolkata, Best school in Kolkata, ICSE/ISC Schools
Loreto House kolkata:The best school in kolkata - We aspire to provide an all round development to the students in our care and all our efforts are in that direction.
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Sacred Heart Convent School Dhalli, SHCS Shimla, Best School In Shimla
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St. Peter's Academy, Best School in Patiala, CBSE Schools
Best CBSE School In Patiala - St. Peter's Academy, Patiala is one such legendary institute that has and continues to promote education in its 'holistic' form for we strongly believe that giving a firm foundation alone does not suffice the requisites of development, a constant strengthening and support is what it takes to shape tender minds into survivors.
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Our Lady Of Fatima Convent junior School, Best Junior School Gurgaon
Best CBSE Board Junior School in Gurgaon - The ultimate object of education, we believe, is to form a balanced and harmonious individual who would contribute his/her share to create a society where peace, prosperity, true justice, brotherhood and harmony prevail.
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St. Edwards School Shimla, Best CBSE School in Shimla
CBSE Schools Shimla - St. Edward’s School is located in the heart of Milsington in Simla and it stands solemnly as a Living Legend that narrates the saga of times immemorial. It is one of the oldest and famous boys school in Simla. The School is managed by Simla Chandigarh Educational Society, under the Bishop of Simla Chandigarh Diocese. It exemplifies truth, knowledge and wisdom. The school was earlier affiliated to ICSE but recently it changed into Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) in the year 2008.
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St.Peter's Sr.Sec.School, Best CBSE School Bharatpur Rajasthan
Best Schools Bharatpur Rajasthan - The School gained affilation to CBSE with two Streams- Science and Commerece. The school has made a rapid growth with 2300 students and 80 teachers.
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St. Francis School Gomti Nagar, Best School In Lucknow, Schools in Lucknow
School In Lucknow - The School aims at giving a value based wholesome quality education to develop along with intellectual excellence and achievement, the multi-faceted personality of the child as a moral and social being, with special emphasis to inculcate healthy moral values.
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Kundan Vidya Mandir, Best CBSE School in Ludhiana
  • Domain last updated: November 8th, 2016
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Columbus Public School Rudrapur, Best CBSE School In Rudrapur
The school aims at preparing the students for a free expression of their inborn talents coupled with their acquired skills in term of performances in various fields of activities that the school opens to them.
  • Domain last updated: January 30th, 2018
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Loreto Day School Bow Bazar, Best ICSE School in Kolkata
Kolkata Best School - Loreto Bowbazar was established in 1844 on the 8th of December. It was known as St. Francis Xavier Convent.
  • Domain last updated: November 7th, 2016
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St. Agnes' Loreto Day School, Best ICSE School in Lucknow, Schools Lucknow
ISC School In Lucknow - The School is recognized by the Secondary Education Department of Uttar Pradesh (Anglo-Indian Board) & affiliated to the Indian Council for Secondary Education (I.C.S.E.) & I.S.C. (Indian School Certificate), New Delhi.
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Loreto Day School Dharamtala, Best School in Kolkata, ICSE Schools
ICSE School In Kolkata - We focus on the development of the moral and social fibre of our children who are taught & achieve excellence learning with enthusiasm, direction and a sense of purpose.
  • Domain last updated: May 13th, 2017
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Tiny Tots School - Best CBSE School in Azamgarh
Schools in Azamgarh - Tiny Tots School is co-educational school, established under the aegis of the Rekha Memorial Society. Phone: 05462-225-066
  • Domain last updated: October 4th, 2017
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Modern International School, Best CBSE School Dwarka, Schools in Dwarka
Modern International School is the one of the best CBSE school in Dwarka New Delhi. We are a unique school providing truly international standards and facilities to our students.
  • Domain last updated: June 12th, 2017
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St. Xavier’s School Bathinda, CBSE School in Bathinda
St. Xavier’s School - Our aim is not only to prepare the students academically, but also to cater to the all-round development of the child, especially its moral and intellectual qualities.
  • Domain last updated: March 1st, 2017
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BLM Academy Haldwani, Best School In Haldwani, CBSE Schools
CBSE School Haldwani - An ideal Education forms and nourishes as wide a range of capacities and skills In our children as possible. Besides it enables, empowers and enlightens a person towards his duties to God, country and self.
  • Domain last updated: November 2nd, 2017
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Sacred Heart Sr. Sec. School, Best CBSE School Chandigarh
CBSE School Chandigarh - The infrastructure of the school and facilities offered to the students are conductive to an overall development that helps the students to sharpen their faculties, explore their potential, sharpen their communication skills and refine artistic potential through a myriad of activities.
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