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Welcome! | National Data System
  • Domain last updated: December 1st, 2016
  • Expires on: December 1st, 2017
  • Purchased on: April 24th, 2000
JUMP House – Trampolinhallen in Deutschland - Jetzt abheben!
Das JUMP House - Die Marke für Trampolinhallen in Deutschland . ► Informiere dich über unsere Standorte und buche dein Sprungticket online.
  • Domain last updated: October 11th, 2016
  • Analytics ID: UA-57601155-1
Shuttl - App Based Office Bus
Looking for a comfortable office cab or bus route service? Download Shuttl mobile app to book your seat and travel to anywhere in Delhi NCR at Rs 50.
  • Domain last updated: April 26th, 2017
  • Expires on: July 17th, 2026
  • Purchased on: July 17th, 2012
Smithsonian Journeys | Let the Journey Begin
Smithsonian Journeys, the Smithsonian Institution's Travel Program, offers 200+ worldwide learning vacations led by experts and experienced guides.
  • Domain last updated: January 30th, 2017
  • Expires on: March 27th, 2021
  • Purchased on: March 27th, 2002
  • Analytics ID: UA-6537706-2
    BABYMETAL オフィシャルサイト BABYMETAL Official Site
    • Domain last updated: November 1st, 2016
    • Expires on: October 31st, 2017
    • Purchased on: October 6th, 2011
    • Analytics ID: UA-37558774-24
    Forbes JAPAN(フォーブス ジャパン)
    Forbes JAPANは、世界的な経済誌であるForbesの日本版として、世界中のビジネスニュース、ランキング、テクノロジー、リーダーシップ、アントレプレナー、ライフスタイル、投資、金融ニュースを配信しています。日本ではあまり紹介されないビジネスニュースを世界中からお届けします。成功のヒントはフォーブス ジャパンにあり。
    • Domain last updated: July 18th, 2016
    • Expires on: August 19th, 2017
    • Purchased on: August 19th, 1999
    • Analytics ID: UA-23399050-3
    TheBMJ | The BMJ
    The BMJ is one of the most of the influential general medicine journals in the world. Featuring research, news, views, learning, & expert comment, to help doctors improve their practice.
    • Domain last updated: January 22nd, 2017
    • Expires on: February 26th, 2018
    • Purchased on: February 25th, 1995
    • Analytics ID: UA-189672-4
    Login - CPX Tracking
    • Domain last updated: March 7th, 2017
    • Expires on: September 4th, 2017
    • Purchased on: September 4th, 2014
    • Analytics ID: UA-7978744-3
    Artefact | Design, Technology and Innovation for a Better Future - Artefact
    At Artefact, we help forward-thinking organizations solve complex challenges through strategic practices in design, research, and development.
    • Domain last updated: September 6th, 2016
    • Expires on: October 6th, 2017
    • Purchased on: October 6th, 2006
    • Analytics ID: UA-3097422-2
    • G+ ID: 106038031891212708877
    ScootPad: Where Learning gets personalized and accelerated!
    ScootPad is an adaptive, online learning platform for grades PreK-8 covering Common Core Math, ELA and more.
    • Domain last updated: April 24th, 2015
    • Expires on: October 1st, 2018
    • Purchased on: October 1st, 2010
    • Analytics ID: UA-25749600-1
    • G+ ID: +Scootpad#external
    Bidmatic | Native Contextual Advertising
    • Domain last updated: February 12th, 2017
    • Expires on: March 16th, 2019
    • Purchased on: March 16th, 2015
    Orientación Vocacional y Carreras Profesionales | USMP
    Orientación Vocacional. Te ayudamos a descubrir tu vocación para que sepas qué estudiar en la universidad. Conoce las mejores carreras profesionales en el Perú.
    • Domain last updated: April 29th, 2016
    • Expires on: April 30th, 2018
    • Purchased on: April 30th, 2009
    • Analytics ID: UA-9397005-1
    Ofertas y Promociones en Hot Sale 2017 - Descuentos y Precios Baratos
    • G+ ID: +HotsaleargAr
    Free to play smart phone games, RPG, Casual, and more!
    • Domain last updated: September 8th, 2015
    • Expires on: September 5th, 2024
    • Purchased on: September 5th, 2013
    • Analytics ID: UA-57808231-1
    The best jQuery validation plugin to validate form fields, support Bootstrap, Foundation, Pure, SemanticUI, UIKit frameworks - FormValidation
    FormValidation - The best jQuery validation plugin to validate form fields, support Bootstrap, Zurb Foundation, Pure, Semantic, UIKit frameworks
    • Expires on: November 27th, 2017
    • Analytics ID: UA-44786951-2
    Ovatu Manager - Home
    • Domain last updated: August 15th, 2015
    • Expires on: August 20th, 2018
    • Purchased on: August 20th, 2009
    • Analytics ID: UA-20509574-2
    Rietumu Banka - for business and private banking. Get more from bank accounts, credit cards, term deposits and investments
    A European bank for private and corporate banking, accounts, credit cards, brokerage, real estate and emerging market investments. One of the largest bank in the Baltics.
    • Domain last updated: August 31st, 2015
    • Expires on: August 20th, 2017
    • Purchased on: August 20th, 2001
    Hotel Palacio Villapanés Sevilla| Hotel 5 estrellas en el centro de Sevilla
    Hotel Palacio Villapanés, un hotel 5 estrellas en el centro de Sevilla. Descubre el placer de alojarte en un palacio andaluz con siglos de historia
    • Domain last updated: January 22nd, 2017
    • Expires on: January 21st, 2018
    • Purchased on: January 21st, 2014
    • Analytics ID: UA-52716871-1
    • G+ ID: +HotelPalaciodeVillapanesSevilla
    • Domain last updated: March 30th, 2017
    • Expires on: March 29th, 2018
    • Purchased on: March 29th, 2017
    Plex Media Server - Your media on all your devices
    Plex allows you to aggregate all your personal media and access it anywhere you go. Enjoy your own media on all your devices with the Plex Media Server.
    • Domain last updated: September 2nd, 2014
    • Expires on: November 27th, 2017
    • Purchased on: November 27th, 2008
    • G+ ID: +plex
    • Domain last updated: April 15th, 2017
    • Expires on: April 15th, 2019
    • Purchased on: April 15th, 2017
    • Domain last updated: July 2nd, 2016
    • Expires on: July 1st, 2017
    • Purchased on: July 1st, 2013
    Centro de día para Personas Mayores | Meridia
    Meridia es un Centro de Atención Diurna que ofrece un innovador servicio de asistencia y desarrollo integral para Personas Mayores en México
    • Domain last updated: April 25th, 2016
    • Expires on: October 19th, 2017
    • Purchased on: October 19th, 2011
    • G+ ID: 106489364985489963581
    Los mejores momentos suceden con Toyota, por eso quédate aquí y encuentra el auto que siempre soñaste con excelentes planes de financiamiento.
    • Domain last updated: January 11th, 2017
    • Expires on: February 10th, 2019
    • Purchased on: February 11th, 1999
    • Analytics ID: UA-42513102-1 by World Data Lab
    The World Population Project
    • Expires on: March 20th, 2018
    diwip - The Best Place To Play
    diwip creates social online games, where users can have both fun and excitement, for free!
    • Domain last updated: March 7th, 2017
    • Expires on: November 17th, 2022
    • Purchased on: November 17th, 2009
    • Domain last updated: March 4th, 2017
    • Expires on: March 20th, 2018
    • Purchased on: March 20th, 2000
    Untitled Document
    • Domain last updated: September 4th, 2016
    • Expires on: September 4th, 2017
    • Purchased on: September 4th, 2009
    Сообщество владельцев 3D-принтеров — 3DToday — описание 3D-принтеров, отзывы о 3D-принтерах, характеристики, фотографии и описания, распечатанные 3D-модели и многое другое
    Узнайте больше о 3D-принтерах, 3D-сканерах, 3D-ручках и 3D-моделях. Наблюдайте с нами, как 3D-технологии меняют мир.
    • Domain last updated: May 9th, 2017
    • Expires on: February 6th, 2018
    • Purchased on: February 6th, 2012
    • Analytics ID: UA-48337933-1
    iROKOtv | Nollywood At Your Fingertips
    Watch thousands of Nollywood movies and series right on your PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone. Subscribe and watch today.
    • Domain last updated: March 5th, 2017
    • Expires on: September 4th, 2020
    • Purchased on: September 4th, 2011
    • Analytics ID: UA-10051718-19
    A platform for real-time formative assessments + a FREE next-generation student response system.
    • Domain last updated: January 19th, 2015
    • Expires on: June 20th, 2018
    • Purchased on: June 20th, 2014
    • Analytics ID: UA-53955805-1
    Multimodal Trip Planner Between two Cities. ChecK Distance Route Map Travel Time Door to Door Journey Planner By Road, Air, Train , Car Shortest Route at DistancesBetween
    • Domain last updated: June 13th, 2016
    • Expires on: June 12th, 2017
    • Purchased on: June 12th, 2011
    • Analytics ID: UA-20532820-3
    • G+ ID: 114240038744580396728
    Home : Justin Timberlake
    • Analytics ID: UA-35134927-1
    • G+ ID: 111704443222549663835
    ETAPA | Grupo ETAPA Educacional
    • Domain last updated: May 23rd, 2016
    • Expires on: December 10th, 2017
    • Purchased on: December 10th, 1996
    • Analytics ID: UA-1756238-7
    • Domain last updated: March 19th, 2017
    • Expires on: March 18th, 2018
    • Purchased on: March 18th, 2010
    • Analytics ID: UA-3225456-30
    • Domain last updated: March 1st, 2017
    • Expires on: December 17th, 2018
    • Purchased on: December 18th, 1997
    • Analytics ID: UA-93857221-1
    Cloud 66 · DevOps for Rails and Docker Hosting on any Cloud
    Build, deploy and manage your web applications, APIs and mobile backends on your own servers on any cloud.
    • Domain last updated: June 2nd, 2016
    • Expires on: July 17th, 2017
    • Purchased on: July 17th, 2008
    • Analytics ID: UA-25691976-3
    • G+ ID: +Cloud66App
    Programa para Gestión de Reservas en Restaurantes - Ressbook
    Smart Restaurant Management - La manera inteligente de gestionar tu restaurante. Gestiona tus reservas de manera fácil y rápida.
    • Analytics ID: UA-4887077-1
    SoftChalk CLOUD
    SoftChalk's online community and learning object repository.
    • Domain last updated: March 7th, 2017
    • Expires on: April 5th, 2018
    • Purchased on: April 5th, 2012
    National Firearms Dealer's Network
    • Domain last updated: April 1st, 2017
    • Expires on: April 16th, 2018
    • Purchased on: April 16th, 2014
    Viva El Birdos, a St. Louis Cardinals community
    Your best source for quality St. Louis Cardinals news, rumors, analysis, stats and scores from the fan perspective.
    • Domain last updated: April 24th, 2016
    • Expires on: April 28th, 2017
    • Purchased on: April 28th, 2005
    • Analytics ID: UA-1367699-1
    Free College Essays, Term Paper Help, and Essay Advice -
    Term Paper Warehouse has free essays, term papers, and book reports for students on almost every research topic.
    • Domain last updated: February 15th, 2017
    • Expires on: December 2nd, 2017
    • Purchased on: September 28th, 2000
    WebLinc Commerce | Helping Great Companies Sell More Online
    WebLinc is the commerce platform for the fastest growing retailers.
    • Domain last updated: February 21st, 2017
    • Expires on: May 3rd, 2026
    • Purchased on: May 2nd, 1996
    • Analytics ID: UA-1586353-1
    Internships and Graduate Jobs - Graduateland
    Browse thousands of internships and graduate jobs on Graduateland, Europe's largest career portal for students and graduates.
    • Domain last updated: February 3rd, 2017
    • Expires on: March 10th, 2018
    • Purchased on: March 10th, 2010
    • Analytics ID: UA-18196759-17
    • Domain last updated: July 30th, 2015
    • Expires on: August 27th, 2017
    • Purchased on: August 27th, 2002
    【es】エンタメステーション | 未知なるエンタメと出会えるWebメディア
    • Domain last updated: June 1st, 2016
    • Expires on: May 31st, 2017
    • Purchased on: May 14th, 2015
    Zaikart | Bajaj Nagar, Gayatri Nagar, Nagpur | FLAT 20% OFF on first order
    Zaikart serves some of the best tasting North Indian, Mughlai and Chinese cuisine in Nagpur, right at your doorstep. Zaikart works on four pillars: Simple process, delectable food, good experience and being on time. Order online for some delicious discounts.
    • Domain last updated: June 30th, 2017
    • Expires on: March 31st, 2018
    • Purchased on: March 31st, 2016
    • Analytics ID: UA-101555563-1
    Paylogic: offering complete ticket solutions | Paylogic
    Ticketing van Paylogic. Tickets voor uw evenement verkopen? Door Paylogic staat uw kaartverkoop binnen 24 uur online. Bekijk de mogelijkheden.
    • Domain last updated: April 10th, 2017
    • Expires on: September 3rd, 2017
    • Purchased on: September 3rd, 1999
    • Analytics ID: UA-13304573-15
    Vale Presente Empresas - Vale Presente Empresas
    Soluções rápidas e personalizadas em Cartões Pré-Pagos
    • Domain last updated: November 1st, 2013
    • Expires on: February 3rd, 2022
    • Purchased on: February 3rd, 2004
    • Analytics ID: UA-23713858-11
    Persuasive Presentation Experts | Duarte
    Duarte creates presentations and offers training based on our unique VisualStory™ methodology, which applies storytelling and visual thinking to craft persuasive communications designed to shift audience beliefs and behaviors
    • Domain last updated: December 24th, 2014
    • Expires on: February 22nd, 2020
    • Purchased on: February 21st, 1996
    • Domain last updated: July 10th, 2016
    • Expires on: August 5th, 2017
    • Purchased on: August 5th, 2013
    Plex Redirect
    • Domain last updated: April 24th, 2015
    • Expires on: July 18th, 2017
    • Purchased on: July 18th, 2008
    Pulseradio - the heart of electronic music | Pulseradio
    Electronic Dance Culture - we love everything from Acid House to EDM to tropical to deep to techno to… you get it right?
    • Domain last updated: March 11th, 2017
    • Expires on: March 21st, 2023
    • Purchased on: March 21st, 1999
    • Analytics ID: UA-29415235-1
    • G+ ID: 112589600149982001216 | Email marketing that means business
      Email marketing software and services. Marketing automation, SMS, social media and more. Award-winning support and services.
        Kannada Matrimonials - No 1 for Kannada Matrimony, Marriage and Indian Matrimonials.
        The largest Kannada Matrimonial Website with 1000s of successful Marriages, Shaadi is trusted by over 20 million for Matrimony. Find Kannada Matches via email. Join FREE!
        • Domain last updated: October 4th, 2016
        • Expires on: November 23rd, 2017
        • Purchased on: November 23rd, 2006
        • Analytics ID: UA-1319529-1
        • G+ ID: +shaadicom
        Men's Style Club
        Men's Style Club We make the outfits. You make them yours. Become a Founding Member
        • Domain last updated: May 10th, 2017
        • Expires on: November 15th, 2019
        • Purchased on: November 15th, 2012
        • Domain last updated: December 29th, 2016
        • Expires on: January 14th, 2018
        • Purchased on: January 14th, 2003
        • Analytics ID: UA-19793081-1
        Canon Explains Exposure
        • Domain last updated: July 19th, 2016
        • Expires on: November 3rd, 2017
        • Purchased on: November 3rd, 2012
        • Analytics ID: UA-36121802-1
        Field Notes · Field Notes
        • Analytics ID: UA-23721911-2
        G-Biosciences | Life Sciences & Bioscience Research Products
        A biotechnology company focused on proteomics, including protein extraction, protein purification, protein electrophoresis, Western blotting and protein labeling. Protein assays for protein estimation, apoptosis, methyltransferases, proteases, phosphatases are offered. Nucleic acid isolation kits are offered for DNA and RNA , in addition to polymerase chain reaction (PCR) reagents
        • Domain last updated: October 22nd, 2016
        • Expires on: July 1st, 2020
        • Purchased on: July 1st, 2004
        • Analytics ID: UA-439573-1
        • Domain last updated: June 19th, 2013
        • Expires on: June 19th, 2018
        • Purchased on: June 19th, 2013
        Portal de empleos y bolsa de trabajo - Computrabajo Nicaragua
        Ofertas de trabajo en Nicaragua. Página web gratis para su currículum. Reciba las ofertas por email. Publicación gratuita de ofertas.
        • Analytics ID: UA-2335793-17
        • Domain last updated: May 3rd, 2017
        • Expires on: December 12th, 2017
        • Purchased on: December 12th, 2007
        Olympia Sports
        • Domain last updated: February 27th, 2017
        • Expires on: October 13th, 2017
        • Purchased on: April 15th, 1998
        • Analytics ID: UA-23692337-1
        Registro Civil
        • Domain last updated: October 3rd, 2016
        • Expires on: September 19th, 2021
        • Purchased on: September 19th, 2001
        • Domain last updated: October 24th, 2017
        • Expires on: November 30th, 2018
        • Purchased on: November 30th, 2016
        • Domain last updated: March 29th, 2017
        • Expires on: November 10th, 2020
        • Purchased on: November 10th, 2010
        • ID for Google Adsense: pub-4456880725779415
        Hush Puppies
        • Analytics ID: UA-81713670-1
        • Domain last updated: June 28th, 2016
        • Expires on: August 27th, 2017
        • Purchased on: August 28th, 1998
        Tea Party Community - Tea Party Hub
        The Constitution, Liberty, and American Values. TPC is a hub for sharing ideas, unifying a movement and organizing strategies to keep America in her rightful place as the greatest nation on earth.
        • Domain last updated: April 26th, 2017
        • Expires on: April 25th, 2018
        • Purchased on: April 25th, 2009
        • Analytics ID: UA-9711487-14
        • ID for Google Adsense: pub-3876640967173583
        Welcome to UberQast! — UberQast
        • Domain last updated: August 1st, 2017
        • Expires on: July 31st, 2018
        • Purchased on: July 31st, 2014
        • Analytics ID: UA-54313726-4
        LBT、EAGLE等の実物タクティカルギアやサバイバルゲーム用品の専門店です。中野ブロードウェイ店ではOAKLEY SIシリーズも取り扱い中。
        • Domain last updated: October 1st, 2016
        • Expires on: September 30th, 2017
        • Purchased on: September 16th, 2010
        • Analytics ID: UA-36579779-1
        • Domain last updated: December 13th, 2016
        • Expires on: February 10th, 2018
        • Purchased on: February 10th, 2012
        • Analytics ID: UA-39042957-2
        엔꾸꾸 :: 친구와 함께 하는 게임세상
        • Domain last updated: June 21st, 2016
        • Expires on: March 1st, 2019
        • Purchased on: March 1st, 2012
        Electric Guitar Strings, Acoustic Guitar Strings, Bass Strings, and Guitar Accessories | Ernie Ball
        The world's leading manufacturer of premium guitar strings, bass strings, and guitar accessories. Discover which strings your favorite artists use. Locate where to purchase Ernie Ball strings.
        • Domain last updated: February 4th, 2018
        • Expires on: February 3rd, 2018
        • Purchased on: February 3rd, 2017
        • Analytics ID: UA-440401-41
        • G+ ID: +ernieballinc
        The Digiterati | Digital Marketing Consultancy, Coaching & Training
        We advise, coach and train businesses of all sizes in using digital marketing & social media to deliver their objectives and drive leads, sales and revenue.
        • Domain last updated: February 3rd, 2017
        • Expires on: April 17th, 2018
        • Purchased on: April 17th, 2014
        • Analytics ID: UA-53737492-2
        • G+ ID: +The-digiterati
          Rocker BMX online shop, buy mini BMX bikes for low prices onlne

          Low prices on mini BMX's online direct from rocker BMX. Buy Rocker 3+ and Irok+ mini BMX's as well as BMX parts on-line at the cheapest prices available.
          • Domain last updated: February 7th, 2017
          • Expires on: February 28th, 2019
          • Purchased on: February 28th, 2013
          • Analytics ID: UA-82278725-2
          Home - Gapingvoid

          • Domain last updated: January 29th, 2015
          • Expires on: May 13th, 2021
          • Purchased on: May 13th, 2001
          • Analytics ID: UA-2639394-2
          Well Planned Gal – Organizing / Homeschooling / Life

          • Domain last updated: March 29th, 2016
          • Expires on: June 2nd, 2017
          • Purchased on: June 2nd, 2013
          • Analytics ID: UA-35337988-8
          Brazilian Hair - Real Human Hair - Her Imports

          Her Imports offers top quality Brazilian, Peruvian, Malaysian, and Mongolian hair weaves and extensions. Purchase from a well known brand you can trust.
          • Domain last updated: May 1st, 2015
          • Expires on: May 17th, 2021
          • Purchased on: May 17th, 2012
          • Analytics ID: UA-42596668-7
          Ray White Real Estate New Zealand Property

          Welcome to our New Zealand property website. We have a wide range available from houses, rentals, commercial and businesses right across New Zealand
          • Domain last updated: June 26th, 2017
          • Expires on: July 26th, 2017
          • Purchased on: October 26th, 2001
          • Analytics ID: UA-3346409-2
          0.4540 -- 2018-06-25 16:56:27