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Pam Johnson-Bennett, Cat Behavior Expert, Author, Speaker
Best-selling author & cat expert Pam Johnson-Bennett's training advice, litter box & behavior tips and tricks to improve life with your favorite feline.
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Amazing food for your Pet! – Vecado
vegan, pet, food, cat, dog, feline, canine, ferret, cruelty-free, vegetarian, healthy, environment-friendly, no-meat, meat-free, preservatives-free, natural
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Expert Unbiased Reviews of the Most Popular Dog Vitamins.
Your dog's health and nutrition are important. We help take the guesswork out of choosing which dog vitamin supplement really works.
  • Domain last updated: August 30th, 2016
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  • Purchased on: August 29th, 2010
Veterinary Information Network (VIN) - For Veterinarians, By Veterinarians
The Veterinary Information Network is the oldest and largest online medical information service devoted to veterinary medicine. It is run by veterinarians, for veterinarians. VIN is a subscription based service on the World Wide Web and on America Online (keyword VIN).
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Felineranger's Basket
    Willkommen bei meiner - Golden Retriever Zucht - Louis & Feline's precious Golden
    • Domain last updated: August 13th, 2013
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    FELINE MOTORCYCLES |More than a bike, a work of art – The most luxurious and exclusive motorcycle
    The most luxurious and exclusive motorcycle
    • Domain last updated: December 15th, 2016
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    • Purchased on: December 18th, 2012
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    Feline Nutrition
    Feline Nutrition is an international advocacy organization dedicated to improving feline health through the feeding of bio-appropriate raw meat diets.
    • Domain last updated: October 31st, 2016
    • Expires on: November 12th, 2017
    • Purchased on: November 12th, 2009
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    Dansk Sommerhusferie - Udlejning af private sommerhuse i Danmark -
    Udlejning af mere end 30.000 private sommerhuse i Danmark med prisgaranti. Her går du ikke forgæves.
    • Purchased on: February 16th, 1998
    • Expires on: March 31st, 2018
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    The San Francisco SPCA is dedicated to saving, protecting, caring, and advocating for animals. We are a nationally-recognized leader in animal welfare, with a history of innovation in animal care, animal rights, and proactive prevention programs. Our two campuses each house a care-centric veterinary hospital and a world-class adoption center. We have a wide range of programs, including foster, volunteer services, community cats/TNR, humane education for youth, vaccine clinics for underserved communities, dog training, and animal assisted therapy. Founded in 1868, we are an independent nonprofit that receives no government funding, nor funding from national organizations. We rely on donations from our supporters.
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    • Purchased on: May 1st, 1995
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    Feline Conservation Federation
    Welcome to the Feline Conservation Federation
    • Domain last updated: June 26th, 2016
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    • Purchased on: June 25th, 2002
    Feline Behavior Solutions - Cat Behavior Consultant
    Feline Behavior Solutions - Cat behavior consultant for cat behavior problems using fundamental animal behavior concepts tailored for your domestic cat.
    • Domain last updated: August 22nd, 2016
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    • Purchased on: September 15th, 2014
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    Mewsyngs of an Upstart Feline Miscreant
    • Domain last updated: October 29th, 2015
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    • Purchased on: February 12th, 1998
    Feline Senses -
    Feline Senses, eine Plattform über Katzen. Berät, klärt auf und fungiert als Vermittler zwischen Katze und Halter. Feline Senses macht das Wesen der Katze transparenter und steht mit Rat und Tat zur Seite. Katzenpsychologische Hilfe um Missverständnisse auszuräumen.
    • Domain last updated: August 30th, 2007
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    Paws 4 A Cure is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides financial assistance throughout the United States to those who cannot afford veterinary care for their beloved furry family members. Paws 4 A Cure helps dogs and cats with all illnesses and injuries. Paws 4 A Cure does not discriminate against breed, age, or diagnosis.
    Paws 4 A Cure is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides financial assistance throughout the United States to those who cannot afford veterinary care for their beloved furry family members. Paws 4 A Cure helps dogs and cats with all illnesses and injuries. Paws 4 A Cure does not discriminate against breed, age, or diagnosis. We rely solely on the support and contributions of individuals who care about canine & feline companions. Please consider making a tax deductible donation.
    • Domain last updated: May 14th, 2016
    • Expires on: May 29th, 2017
    • Purchased on: May 29th, 2008
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    Féline : Le premier site consacré à l'univers Peugeot !
    Le premier site consacré à Peugeot. Découvrez toutes les informations sur l'univers de la marque Peugeot : tarifs, équipements, gamme, options, photos, vidéos, documents, infos exclusives, articles, forum...
    • Domain last updated: January 5th, 2014
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    • Purchased on: September 25th, 2011
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    Beavercreek Animal Hospital - Home
    ​Beavercreek Animal Hospital in Beavercreek, OH is a full service companion animal hospital committed to providing quality veterinary care throughout the life of your pet. Our goal is to practice the highest quality medicine, surgery and dentistry.
    • Domain last updated: June 19th, 2017
    • Expires on: May 17th, 2021
    • Purchased on: May 17th, 2011
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    Lastminute sommerhuse i Danmark
    Lastminute tilbud på sommerhus og ferieboliger i Danmark - Alle samlet på ét sted.
    • Purchased on: May 26th, 2009
    • Expires on: May 31st, 2018
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    Feline Wishes & Caviar Dreams – Luxury Cat Boarding Services
    • Domain last updated: October 10th, 2017
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    • Purchased on: December 6th, 2005
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    Ferienhäuser Dänemark – Ferienhaus Dänemark Vermietung - Feline Holidays
    Die grösste Auswahl: Ferienhäuser in ganz Dänemark für Urlaub, Kurzurlaub und Last Minute. Preisgarantie. Buchen Sie Ihr Ferienhaus in Dänemark hier!
    • Domain last updated: April 22nd, 2012
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    • Domain last updated: January 4th, 2017
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    Sporthorse Photography - specializing in photography of horses, dogs & other animals - San Diego
    On location pet photography based out of North Vancouver, British Columbia & San Diego, California.
    • Domain last updated: January 27th, 2018
    • Expires on: January 27th, 2019
    • Purchased on: January 27th, 2004
    AlleyCat Angels of Texas
    A 501(c)3 Feline Rescue
    • Domain last updated: June 23rd, 2016
    • Expires on: July 23rd, 2018
    • Purchased on: July 23rd, 2004
    meow *some posts may be nsfw*
      FELINE-WORLD est un site destiné à une meilleure connaissance du monde félin =^..^= FELINE-WORLD is a website designed to a better knowledge of the feline world
        All Natural Pet Products | Homeopathic Remedies for Dogs & Cats | Only Natural Pet
        Only Natural Pet offers natural pet supplies for dogs and cats. Natural Pet Food, Flea Remedies, Dog Supplements & Homeopathic Remedies as well as articles & information on holistic pet health care.
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        Life With Cats
        The internet\'s preeminent source of cat news, video, training tips, health and welfare.
        • Domain last updated: February 16th, 2017
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        • Purchased on: February 15th, 2011
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        A PAWSH OASIS - Home
        A PAWsh Oasis is one of Victoria's newest Dog boarding kennel resorts for the canine and feline members of your family. Our main attraction is our close proximity from the Victoria City core to a "unique" wilderness setting in Saanich.
        • Domain last updated: November 22nd, 2017
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        • Purchased on: November 22nd, 2017
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        Feline Friends
        • Domain last updated: July 11th, 2016
        • Expires on: September 23rd, 2025
        • Purchased on: September 23rd, 2002
        Sommerhusudlejning - Lej sommerhus til din ferie her! - Feline Holidays
        Se det største udvalg af sommerhuse til udlejning i Danmark og Europa. Prisgaranti på alle huse - enkelt og sikkert. Book dit sommerhus hos Feline!
        • Purchased on: April 26th, 2000
        • Expires on: June 30th, 2017
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        Cat Adoption Chicago, Kitten Adoption Chicago|Feline Friends Chicago
        Feline Friends Chicago is a foster-based, no kill, cat rescue organization serving Chicago.
        • Domain last updated: July 27th, 2013
        • Expires on: July 26th, 2018
        • Purchased on: July 26th, 2010
        Feline Luxuriae
        Sex, Blood, Violence, Cats and Rock n' Roll ミⓛㅅⓛミ
          С русского на понятный

          "Я не могу принять сторону - я не знаю никого, кто не прав"
            Feriecentre og badeland i Danmark og Nordtyskland -
            Se den største oversigt over tilbud på feriecenterophold i hele Danmark og Nordtyskland. Der er badeland på mange af centrene. Book dit ophold her!
            • Purchased on: September 14th, 2004
            • Expires on: September 30th, 2018
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            Féline & Fétish
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            CatsWA, formerly Feline Control Council of Western Australia Inc, is a registration body for pedigree cats in Western Australia, as well as domestic and pet cats.
            • Domain last updated: October 15th, 2016
            • Expires on: October 16th, 2018
            • Purchased on: October 16th, 2012
            Weekendophold tilbud i Danmark og Nordtyskland -
            Se tilbud på weekendophold på hoteller, kroer og slotte i Danmark og Nordtyskland. Masser af ophold til fast, lav pris. Book dit weekendophold her!
            • Purchased on: April 13th, 1999
            • Expires on: June 30th, 2018
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            Feline Diabetes —Diabetes in Cats — Treatment and Diabetic Cat Info — FDMB
            Original online guide for treatment of diabetes in cats. Cat diabetes discussion board, diet information, and diabetic cat treatment info.
            • Domain last updated: January 5th, 2017
            • Expires on: June 14th, 2020
            • Purchased on: February 10th, 1999
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            FELINE-AUTO SAINT-DIZIER : Concessionnaire PEUGEOT ST DIZIER - Auto occasion ST DIZIER
            Voir les véhicules d'occasion à ST DIZIER chez FELINE-AUTO SAINT-DIZIER - Un large choix de véhicules disponibles.
            • Domain last updated: September 14th, 2017
            • Expires on: September 29th, 2018
            • Purchased on: September 29th, 2014
            福岡の美容室 フレア公式ページ
            福岡で美容室3店舗を展開するフレア公式ページ 傷まずに修復しながらカラーやパーマ、ストレートを行う365メニューが人気の美容室です。
            • Purchased on: May 19th, 2004
            • Domain last updated: May 19th, 2004
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            Sommerhusudlejning - Se det største udvalg og lej hos Sommerhus-siden! -
            Lej sommerhus her og få chancen for at vinde alle dine penge tilbage. Stort udvalg af sommerhuse, prisgaranti, nemt og sikkert.
            • Purchased on: September 14th, 2004
            • Expires on: September 30th, 2017
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            Canine Feline
            Just Claws for Cats and Just Paws for Dogs are soft vinyl covers that protect broken claws and nails and provides an effect solution against damage to floors, furnishing and fabrics caused by sharp claws and nails. The concept of vinyl claw & nail covers was the brainchild of an american veterinarian. Millions have been sold Worldwide, attesting to the acceptance by veterinarians pet owners and their pets.
            • Domain last updated: December 5th, 2016
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            • Purchased on: January 4th, 2011
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            CatTime - The place for all things feline
            Your destination for all things feline. Here you'll find articles and editorials on a variety of cat-centric topics, from expert recommendations to cat breed info to health advice to the latest animal news to names for a cat. CatTime even offers a national adoptable cat finder for would-be owners to search for available pets at local shelters and rescues. We like to have fun, too - just check out our extensive collection of cute kitten photos and funny cat videos. Looking to find your purr? Welcome to CatTime.
            • Domain last updated: April 5th, 2016
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            • Purchased on: January 7th, 2002
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            I am a human, and love cats. I will kill the hatrid. With my own bare claws.
              Zimmer Feline Foundation
              New Mexico cat spay/neuter program
              • Domain last updated: November 20th, 2016
              • Expires on: February 16th, 2020
              • Purchased on: February 16th, 2010
              Fèline Interactive
              Diseño y desarrollo de sitios Web, móviles y aplicaciones interactivas
              • Expires on: April 8th, 2021
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              Vestidos de Festa Atacado | Vestidos de Festa Atacadista SP
              • Domain last updated: October 19th, 2017
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              • Purchased on: October 9th, 2012
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              Seattle Area Feline RescueSeattle Area Feline Rescue, a no-kill, non-profit cat rescue
              We find loving adopters for homeless cats and kittens from our non-profit, no-kill cat rescue Our Adoption Center is located in Shoreline, WA.
              • Domain last updated: January 23rd, 2018
              • Expires on: February 27th, 2019
              • Purchased on: February 27th, 2014
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              Cats Protection
              Cats Protection, the UK’s leading feline welfare charity, helps around 200,000 cats and kittens every year through its national network of over 250 volunteer-run branches and 32 adoption centres.
              • Domain last updated: August 15th, 2016
              • Expires on: September 13th, 2018
              • Purchased on: September 13th, 1996
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              :: The Cat House ::
              A non-profit organization dedicated to the protection and preservation of the world's endangered felines. Home to over 70 cats, representing 19 species. Large, diverse collections of the Northern Chinese and Amur subspecies of leopards. Open to the public every day except Wednesday.
              • Domain last updated: January 15th, 2015
              • Expires on: April 27th, 2024
              • Purchased on: April 26th, 1995
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              • Domain last updated: December 26th, 2017
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              • Purchased on: December 26th, 2017
              Adopt a cat or foster a cat in London - Feline Friends London
              Feline Friends London has been founded by a group of experienced cat rescuers & veterinary professionals to help cats in East & Central London.
              • Domain last updated: February 7th, 2018
              Nottingham Escorts from Feline Escort Agency in Nottingham
              We offer beautiful, intelligent Nottingham Escorts who ensure you will have a time to remember courtesy of Feline Escort Agency in Nottingham City Centre
              • Domain last updated: June 11th, 2017
              • Expires on: June 10th, 2019
              • Purchased on: June 10th, 2005
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              Британские мраморные котята питомник - Ice Florence
              Наш питомник расположен в столице Латвии — городе Рига. Он зарегистрирован в одной из самых крупных и авторитетных международных организаций FIFe (Federation Internationale Feline). Мы являемся членом латвийского клуба любителей кошек REBUSS - Наш питомник специализируется на Тэбби окрасе — черный мрамор на серебре. Цель питомника Ice Florence - получение качественных и высоко породных животных, соответствующих породному типу, имеющими контрастный и чёткий мраморный рисунок шерсти, с яркими глазами.се наши кошки нами любимы, они окружены заботой и вниманием и являются полноправными членами семьи. Все наши кошки принимают активное участие в жизни семьи и свободно перемещаются по всему дому. Мы не держим животных в клетках!!! Поэтому наши котята, выращенные в атмосфере любви, «на руках», отличаются дружелюбием и общительным мурлыкательным характером. Особое внимание мы уделяем питанию наших кошек: Наши кошки едят не только сухой корм супер-премиум класса Orijen без зерновых, но и натуральную еду: индюшку, говядину, курицу, творог, сливки, перепелиные яйца. На нашем сайте вы можете познакомиться с нашими животными, узнать об их достижениях на выставках, увидеть много прекрасных фотографий и видео кошек и котят. А так же получить полезную для вас информацию. Только лицензированный питомник кошек может гарантировать, что котенок будет здоровым, невероятно красивым, очень ласковым, а самое главное – иметь завидную родословную. Помимо всего прочего вам гарантировано предоставят документы, подтверждающее его происхождение и выставочные заслуги родителей. С уважением, владелец питомника, фелинолог Татьяна Блинова
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              Feline Rescue, Inc. | Feline Rescue, Inc. is a Minnesota based no-kill companion cat rescue organization
              • Domain last updated: March 2nd, 2016
              • Expires on: April 28th, 2021
              • Purchased on: April 29th, 1998
              Lombard Animal Hospital | Portland, Oregon
              Lombard Animal Hospital (Portland, OR) offers personalized, modern and alternative veterinary medicine, including pet accupuncture. We care for all companion pets - canine, feline, avian and exotic species.
              • Domain last updated: February 15th, 2018
              • Expires on: February 28th, 2019
              • Purchased on: February 28th, 2006
              Feline : Lingerie Femme Post Opératoire, Maternité, Grandes Tailles
              Féline Lingerie est une boutique de dessous féminin qui propose un large choix lingerie, post-opératoire, maternité, sport, bonnets profonds et aussi des prothèses mammaires
              • Domain last updated: May 27th, 2016
              • Expires on: June 1st, 2017
              • Purchased on: June 1st, 2009
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              Pet Supplies and medication including wormers, flea treatments and veterinary prescription medicine from our pet dispensary | Hyperdrug
              We are the very first pet pharmacy offering pet prescriptions from our pet dispensary, veterinary medicine, and animal Health including wormers and flea treatments and other pet supplies such as veterinary diet dog and cat food. We have a number of trademarks such as the Canine Chemists, Pigeon Pharmacy, the Feline Pharmacy and the Equine Pharmacy direct.
              • Domain last updated: August 6th, 2015
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              • Purchased on: April 7th, 1999
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              • G+ ID: +Hyperdrug
              Pottermore Patronus Appreciation
              "What does my patronus mean?" Past one's first impression lies many layers and much symbolism. Learn to love who you are and what form your personality takes.
                Peugeot 207 - Féline 207 : Le premier site sur la Peugeot 207 / 207+ !
                Le premier site consacré à la Peugeot 207. Découvrez toutes les informations sur la Peugeot 207 : tarifs, équipements, gamme, options, photos, vidéos, documents, infos exclusives, articles, forum...
                • Domain last updated: March 23rd, 2017
                • Expires on: May 16th, 2020
                • Purchased on: May 16th, 2006
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                Home | Sage River Wellness
                Sage River Wellness is a group of independent practitioners who have joined together to provide a safe, nurturing environment where we offer services that heal, inspire & support people in becoming their best selves—and our world a better place. Let us support you on your journey with the wide range of services.
                • Domain last updated: July 17th, 2017
                • Expires on: March 27th, 2020
                • Purchased on: March 27th, 2010
                DFW Purebred and Domestic Cat Rescue - Home
                DFW Purebred and Domestic Cat Rescue - Located in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, Texas, TX, Adoption, purebred cats, felines, Persians, Himalayans, Maine Coons, Siamese, Japanese Bobtails and all other purebred cats
                • Domain last updated: April 2nd, 2013
                • Expires on: September 20th, 2019
                • Purchased on: September 20th, 2005
                Reise nach Italien - Urlaub in Italien
                Alles für Ihre Reise nach Italien: alle Reservierungsservices, Infos über Land und Leute, die italienische Sprache, Kultur und Geschichte, die italienische Küche
                • Domain last updated: January 26th, 2012
                • ID for Google Adsense: pub-562130994646882
                VisitDenmark | Official Denmark travel guide | Plan your holiday in Denmark
                Welcome to the official Denmark travel guide and tourism information guide to Denmark with links to hotels in Denmark, restaurants, maps, pictures and more inspiration for your holiday in Denmark.
                • Domain last updated: January 18th, 2017
                • Expires on: January 24th, 2018
                • Purchased on: January 23rd, 1997
                Siamese Rescue - Main Website
                Siamese Rescue is a coalition of shelters located in Virginia, California and Colorado that place Siamese cat throughout the US. We are a tax exempt, non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue of siamese cats.
                • Domain last updated: January 11th, 2016
                • Expires on: February 11th, 2021
                • Purchased on: February 11th, 1999
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                Bhoot FM - Download Bhoot FM Recorded Episodes
                Bhoot FM - Download Bhoot FM Recorded Episodes, Bhoot FM Download, Bhoot FM MP3 Download, Bhoot FM Recorded Version, Bhoot FM Recorded Episodes, Bhoot FM Radio Foorti
                • Domain last updated: November 12th, 2016
                • Expires on: November 21st, 2017
                • Purchased on: November 21st, 2011
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                Carol. 24. Bi. Cis. Brazillian. INTJ/ISTJ. Mostly I just reblog stuff. *2018 Stats *Desafio Fics 100 Temas
         - DAS Katzen-Medium - Katzenforum - Katzenportal
                  Katzenportal mit Katzenforum, kostenlosen Katzen-Homepages im Album, Katzenbildern, Fotos, rasseübergreifende Informationen, Katzenliteratur, Ratgeber und Katzenpostkarten
                  • Domain last updated: July 25th, 2005
                  Tanya's Comprehensive Guide to Feline Chronic Kidney Disease - Everything You Need to Know to Help Your Cat
                  • Domain last updated: March 25th, 2017
                  • Expires on: December 28th, 2017
                  • Purchased on: December 28th, 2000
                  Cats Paw Island = 2D Avatar Chat = Feline Virtual World = Cat Chat
                  Cats Paw Island is an online virtual world, 2D graphical / comic chat rooms using warrior cats avatar poses
                  • Domain last updated: March 14th, 2017
                  • Expires on: April 1st, 2018
                  • Purchased on: June 7th, 2009
                  • AddThis User: xa-4a52d4747aa7233c
                  Houston Cat Hospital | The Feline Medical Center
                  The Feline Medical Center provides high quality and compassionate veterinary care for your dog, cat or small animal in Houston, Texas.
                  • Domain last updated: June 17th, 2017
                  • Expires on: August 17th, 2019
                  • Purchased on: August 17th, 2006
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                  Cat Only Vets | Oxfordshire | Oxford Cat Clinic
                  We are dedicated to gentle, compassionate care for our feline patients.
                  • Domain last updated: April 4th, 2017
                  • Expires on: November 29th, 2025
                  • Purchased on: November 29th, 2005
                  Ferienhäuser Ferienwohnungen an der Ostsee, Urlaub privat, Kostenlos inserieren
                  • Domain last updated: August 19th, 2016
                  • Expires on: August 19th, 2017
                  • Purchased on: August 19th, 2012
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                  All Feline Hospital is a full service feline veterinary practice in Lincoln, NE specializing feline cat and kitten health care. Our mission is to provide the highest quality in Veterinary Medical animal feline pet health care in a professional, friendly, relaxed setting.
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                  Meowmail: Online cat community with free email for felines
                  Meowmail is an online colony/community for cats and their owners. Site offers free email, arcade games, Morning Hairball newsletter, virtual cat toys, and cat-related items for sale.
                  • Domain last updated: November 24th, 2017
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                  The Fuzzy Princess
                  Katrina is the adventurous feline princess of St. Paws, watched over by Chiro (a batty bat) and Kuma (whose love for haiku is only matched by his love of eating). Now they’ve been stranded in our...
                  • Domain last updated: August 2nd, 2016
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                  Feeding Your Cat: Know the Basics of Feline Nutrition
                  A veterinarian explains the basics on properly feed cats which are strict carnivores, and the link between a poor quality diet and common diseases.
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                  Cat Forum : Cat Discussion Forums
                  Cat Forum has information on cat health, cat names, cat rescue, toys for cats, cat health and wellness, cat breeders and more
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                  The Cat Doctor Houston
                  Here at The Cat Doctor Houston, we treat the whole patient, their emotional as well as their physical well-being.
                  • Domain last updated: February 21st, 2013
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                  • Purchased on: February 23rd, 2003
                  Peugeot 208 - Féline 208 : Le premier site sur la Peugeot 208 / 2008 !
                  Le premier site consacré à la Peugeot 208. Découvrez toutes les informations sur la nouvelle Peugeot 208 : tarifs, équipements, gamme, options, photos, vidéos, documents, infos exclusives, articles, forum...
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