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Loreto Convent Asansol, Best ICSE/ISC School in Asansol
Best Schools Asansol - We create and sustain a school atmosphere where the values of love, freedom, sincerity and justice are experienced and loved out by all and where striving for excellence at the level of one's potential is an essential element.
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Loreto Convent Intermediate College, ICSE School In Lucknow
Best ICSE Schools In Lucknow - The aim of the school is to give its pupils a sound moral education while devoting special attention to their intellectual, social, emotional, physical and spiritual development.
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Loreto Convent School Gibraltar | Private School in Gibraltar
A happy, caring, creative school empowering academic excellence, Loreto Convent School, Gibraltar is a co-educational Catholic school.
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Loreto Convent School Tara Hall, Best CBSE School In Shimla
Best in CBSE Schools in Shimla - Loreto Convent, Tara Hall belongs to the worldwide family of the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary, also known as Loreto, which was founded by an English woman named Mary Ward, way back in the 16th century.
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Loreto Convent School Delhi Cantt, Best CBSE School In New Delhi
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Loreto Day School Bow Bazar, Best ICSE School in Kolkata
Kolkata Best School - Loreto Bowbazar was established in 1844 on the 8th of December. It was known as St. Francis Xavier Convent.
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